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circular knives
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Thurston Slitting Circular Knives

Designed for cutting thin sheet steel,
paper, cloth, fabric, rubber, etc.

Edges ground square or with single or double bevels (as illustrated) . . . ground spacing collars available where knives are used in gangs.

All knives, rings and spacing collars made to order . . . diameters available from 3/4" to 8" maximum.

Knives normally available in choice of M-2 or High Carbon High Chrome Steel... stripper rings and spacing collars made of Carbon Steel.

All knives made to order. . . when ordering or requesting prices, please specify:

circular knives Diameter
• Hole size
• Tolerances
• Edge shape
• Steel type
• Keyway

All blades individually straightened.

Made in Smithfield Rhode Island U.S.A.





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