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Thurston Custom Made Products

High speed steels normally available are M-2, M-42, D-2, T-15 and 440C stainless. In addition, other specialty steels may be quoted upon request.

Any diameter saw blade or circular product between the range of 1/2" to 8 " within manufacturing capabilities. Metric sizes also available within these ranges.

Thicknesses as low as .003 in certain styles. Dimensional tolerances as close as + or - .0001 depending on outside diameter and thickness.

Tooth Pitches
State-of-the-art tooth grinding machines provide us with the capability of supplying blades between 50 and 2 TPI (teeth per inch) with a ground tooth form. Blades with pitches coarser than 2 TPI can be supplied with a milled tooth form.

Tooth Styles
Tooth styles are listed below for your convenience. Please check to confirm that we can manufacture desired tooth style with the type of circular product requested.

A Complete Range of Special Blades from .500" to 8.00" diameter.

special blades



Made in Smithfield Rhode Island U.S.A.




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