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Thurston Resharpening Service

Resharpening saw blades to factory grind specifications.

Resharpening of all types of tooth forms available.

We usually gang grind blades when resharpening if diameters are received alike. We line up the teeth (in a row) and resharpen multiple blades at the same time at a tremendous cost savings to customer. We can only line up tooth pitches that are 12 teeth per inch and courser that are received with diameters alike.

If blades are received with a finer tooth pitch than 12 teeth per inch we can still gang grind the teeth but we have to remove the teeth first.

We also can resharpen blades individually up to 16” diameter but because they are reground one at a time the cost is more expensive than gang grinding.

We will resharpen all brands of high speed steel saws not only Thurston.

We can also regash blades that you have to different tooth configurations if you are not happy with the profile that was received.

50 teeth per inch is the finest we can manufacturer

Square edge knives – single bevel knives – double bevel knives... all resharpenable.

We resharpen all of the knives that we manufacture regardless of the profile.

We do not resharpen solid carbide or carbide tipped items

“Don't throw your investment away!”







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